About Us

Hong Kong Journalist is an online platform reaching billions of people worldwide. We promote news on several verticals viz. Markets, Banking & Finance, Property, Lifestyle, Economy, and Retail. It is an independent editorial stand and we aim to provide a reliable and balanced presentation of the news. Hong Kong Journalist is specially designed to cover Hong Kong-specific news at the global level. Cherry on the cake! We have a curated team of experts who envelop informative news to serve their readers.

Banking And Finance:

Hong Kong Journalist aims to curate global and local Banking and Finance news for Hong Kong SAR. We are well versed with our readers’ taste and serving.


We cover retail sector news as per local demands. Retail is one of the largest industries. Our team collects several news articles under the domain.


Our experts put efforts in R&D and make lifestyle news articles relatively engaging. Netizens feel connected to the niche and know more about Hong Kong SAR.


Hong Kong specific-GDP, Standard of living, cost of living, COVID-19 and economic fluctuations etc. that impacts society comes under this category.


Our team is working on overall market activities. Today’s investors are looking forward to understanding facts. We make sure to fulfill their demands.


Land evaluation, property, home prices etc. are focused topics. Our team of experts are serving the best to our readers and assisting them get updates.