• December 19, 2023
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JD.com’s logistics unit has launched a new cross-border express delivery service for consumers to North American and European markets, as the Chinese e-commerce giant seeks overseas growth to offset weak demand at home.

The consumer-oriented and one-way international delivery service by JD Logistics (JDL) is now available in the southern cities of Shenzhen and Guangzhou, according to a company statement on Friday.

The logistics division of JD.com has introduced a new quick delivery service for customers to go across borders to North America and Europe. This move comes as the Chinese online retailer looks to expand internationally to counteract weak domestic demand.

Shenzhen and Guangzhou in the south are now home to JD Logistics’ (JDL) consumer-focused, one-way international delivery service, the business announced on Friday.

According to the announcement, the corporation also intends to increase the service’s domestic network coverage of major Chinese cities.

JDL has been progressively growing its global delivery networks. The company increased competition with Cainiao, the logistics division of Alibaba Group Holding investigating Greater Bay Area (GBA) markets, by launching quick delivery services in Hong Kong and Macau in October. Alibaba owns the South China Morning Post.

At the time, JDL announced that it would begin offering express delivery between Hong Kong, Macau, and mainland China and providing free door-to-door delivery in the two cities and 4-hour rapid deliveries in Hong Kong.

With the completion of its first international cargo flight between Vietnam and mainland China in September, JDL was able to transport agricultural commodities and e-commerce packages between the two nations. This development led to the company’s enhanced GBA services.

The steady growth of JD.com’s international delivery business coincides with its and rival Alibaba’s attempts to counteract a flagging domestic economic recovery. The reduction in high-end and discretionary spending by Chinese customers has negatively affected JD.com’s sales growth, despite the company being recognised for its premium offerings.

Richard Liu Qiangdong, the company’s founder and chairman, has pushed employees to perform better to fend off heightened competition.

“So many issues have emerged, certainly because I mismanaged,” Liu wrote in a recent internal memo. “I blame myself for it.” He added that he would not “lie flat”, although it would take time to make changes at a company that was “large, unwieldy and inefficient”.

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