SINGAPORE – FOMO Pay, a supplier of payment solutions, has acquired a Money Service Operator (MSO) Licence in Hong Kong. FOMO Pay is associated with the blockchain company Ripple. FOMO Pay will be able to provide payment and remittance services in the area thanks to the licence.

The company is moving on with its goal of creating a comprehensive financial network, having already been granted a licence by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) for transfer services. This network aims to provide top-notch solutions that facilitate financial innovation and corporate growth.

A FOMO Pay Allen Vincent senior manager underlined the organisation’s commitment to advancing financial innovation. “We are set on cultivating a comprehensive financial network that provides top-notch solutions facilitating business growth,” Vincent stated. FOMO Pay is well-positioned to expand its market share and impact in the Asian financial sector with the new MSO Licence, capitalising on its collaboration with Ripple to improve its service portfolio.

- Published By Team Hongkong Journalist

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