Hong Kong welcomes Chinese banks

Despite a complete ban on crypto-related activity in mainland China, Hong Kong’s desire to become a crypto hub has created new chances for Chinese state-affiliated banks and crypto enterprises. The Biggest Two of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, are currently going through their own modifications as a result of the Shanghai Upgrade. The brand-new Signup token is the next big thing in the market; it is not yet ready for launch but is getting there. Continue reading to learn more!

Chinese crypto banks favor Hong Kong

Chinese banks have expressed interest in forming alliances and integrating with regulated cryptocurrency businesses in Hong Kong. State-affiliated banks in China have expressed interest in forming collaborations and onboarding regulated crypto firms in Hong Kong since 2021, when cryptocurrency trading was outlawed on the mainland. These banks want to take advantage of the province’s growth to enter the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market.

Hong Kong is starting to become a major financial centre for cryptocurrencies in China, following the restrictions of a security crackdown and COVID legislation. According to Xiao Feng, head of the exchange HashKey, the Hong Kong government appears to be taking this development seriously. 13,000 individuals came to this exchange on its first day, at the recent Hong Kong Web3 Festival.

Shanghai’s upgrade leads to Bitcoin slump and Ethereum rise

Much to the disappointment of bullish observers, Bitcoin (BTC) saw a decline below the $30k level: a drop of 1.12% on the $29,996 level. The coin increased by 5% during the course of the week, reaching a high of $31,005 on Friday, before varying over the weekend. The price of Ethereum (ETH), which has increased by 12% over the past week following the Shanghai upgrade, is at $2101, a 134% increase from its lowest point in June of last year.

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