Sa Sa moves forward as pandemic fades

Sa Sa international, a beauty retailer brand, stated that the return of Chinese travelers to Hong Kong and Macau is going to be a promising start for this financial year.

Sa Sa recorded a 30.3% sales increase, making HK $ 1.09bn (USD 138m) in Q4. It is only possible because of Chinese travelers’ return to Hong Kong and Macau. 

One HK based firm has recently announced their financial year’s results for the last three months. Compared to the pre-pandemic 2018/19 fiscal year, sales have improved by 54.4%.

Dr. Simon Kwok, chairman and CEO at Sa Sa Intl Holdings Ltd, has observed that sales in Hong Kong have increased by 30% as compared to the last quarter.

They further observed that after COVID, the returning back of travelers has boosted the sales in Macau by 80%, matching its performance last quarter.

Hong Kong and Macau both have recovered 55.6% and 70.5% respectively for year on year sales. Together it increased 60.1%, resulting in HK$812.8m (USD 103.5m).

Kowk positively stated “We expect the return of mainland visitors to continue at a gradual pace with an ongoing positive impact on our performance in Hong Kong SAR.”

He further added, “We have been preparing for Hong Kong SAR border reopening to adopt agile management practices including extending store opening hours, refreshing product mix, flexibly adjusting frontline staff deployment and inventory to cope with the increasing demand after tourists return.”

- Published By Team Hongkong Journalist

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