Impetus On Economic Sustainability And Development
  • January 12, 2023
  • Team Hongkong Journalist
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Hong Kong’s Financial Secretary Paul Chan, yesterday, talked about strong impetus to boost Hong Kong’s economic growth under the leadership of Chief Executive John KC Lee. Chan stated “This will not only enhance the city’s competitiveness and long-term economic sustainability but it is also key to creating high quality jobs and employment opportunities for our people.”

Economic sustainability is important and therefore the impetus will play a vital role in the key sectors such as financial and real estate. This will lead to an expansion of economic structure, particularly in the field of innovating and technology.

It is a bit challenging for the country to maintain economic sustainability after the Covid-19 pandemic. Many unbearable situations have occurred in the past few years creating havoc on the world and economies such as regional conflicts and geopolitical tension, diminished supply chain, soaring food and fuel prices.

The special administrative region of China, Hong Kong and its government is moving ahead taking single steps at a time and improving sustainability by balancing between economic, environmental and social considerations.

Chan further added, “Hong Kong is keen on harnessing our status as an international financial centre and our strengths in professional services to contribute to global environmental objectives.”

From this viewpoint, strong demands will serve the world for sustainable infrastructure and green transition and Hong Kong will soon be able to address them. In the future plan, the government will make sure to prioritize land and housing quantity, speed and the quality of housing supply.

Hong Kong is planning to set up a meeting this year with the experts of other nations. The Asian Financial Forum where invitations will be given to political, economical and financial leaders around the world.

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